Fear the Lord

Are there things you are afraid of? Do you fear being alone in the dark? Do you fear wild animals? Is there someone you know whom you fear? Do you understand your fear? Do you know there is someone else you should fear? We all have fears. For some it is darkness and the soundsContinue reading “Fear the Lord”

God’s Counsel

Have you ever sought counsel? Have you sought the advice of someone more learned? Do you ask others for advice when you find yourself in a situation in which you do not know what to do? Has there been times when there was no one to turn to? Would like to know there is someoneContinue reading “God’s Counsel”

Do Not Covet

Is there something you have longed for and have been unable to acquire? Have you longed after another person? Have you desired the possessions of someone you knew—a relative or neighbor? Our culture tells us to go acquire more. It tells us we deserve it, whether we do or not. There are huge advertising campaignsContinue reading “Do Not Covet”