An Angel Appeared

Have you ever wondered about angels? What do they look like? Will you recognize them if you see them? Do they have an aura about them? Do they all have wings? Are there different types of angels? What would you do if you saw one? Do you believe there are angels? We do not seeContinue reading “An Angel Appeared”

Walk in the Light

Are you looking for light at the end of the tunnel? Would you like to see the light? Are you in need of instruction? Do you need guidance? Where have you been looking? Have you considered you have been looking in the wrong place? We all need guidance. We all need instruction. Even when weContinue reading “Walk in the Light”

Desire to Learn

Are you willing to learn? Will you study to be better educated? Do you ask questions to become more proficient? Have you ever changed professions? Do you desire to live a better life? Will you seek to know life’s instructions? We all go to school for a number of years. The amount of schooling weContinue reading “Desire to Learn”

Follow God’s Instruction

What does it mean to you to work? Do you like the work you do? Is your job rewarding? Is your place of work the only place you work? Have you thought about the work you do outside your job? Are you working for God? We often think of work as the job we areContinue reading “Follow God’s Instruction”

Avoiding Foolishness

How well do you follow instructions? How well do you follow advice? How well do you follow guidance? Are you willing to listen to someone more experienced? Will you listen and learn from God through His Word? We’ve all been there. We were young and thought we knew what we were doing. Or, we wentContinue reading “Avoiding Foolishness”

Wise Decisions

Do you consider yourself wise? Do you want to be wise? Do you look up to those who you consider to be wise? Or, do you not think about being wise at all? Do you simply make snap decisions without considering whether it is good or bad? We all know someone who has made foolishContinue reading “Wise Decisions”