Stand Up For Your Faith

Are you fight or a flight person? Are you willing to fight for what you believe? Have you taken hold of your faith? Is your faith evident to anyone who encounters you? Are you willing to be ridiculed, ostracized, or even beaten for your faith? Will you die for it? Most of us do notContinue reading “Stand Up For Your Faith”


Have you had visions? Was it a real vision or an imaginary one? Have you had explicit dreams? Have you had dreams you thought had a significant meaning? Have you experienced déjà vu? Has any of this occurred when you felt especially filled with the Holy Spirit? We may have a dream that seems toContinue reading “Dreams”

Rejoice Always

Do you rejoice in your knowing that Jesus has risen from the dead? What does rejoicing mean to you? Is rejoicing only the feeling of happiness? Does rejoicing include making a choice? Would you believe it means both? We often think of rejoicing as experiencing happiness or gladness. When something occurs that makes us happy,Continue reading “Rejoice Always”

Living Free

What does it mean to be alive to you? Do you distinguish between merely existing and really living? Is that distinction based on what you do or the possessions you have? Is it based on the relationships you have? Is one of those relationships your relationship with God? We hear about quality of life. WeContinue reading “Living Free”

God’s Mercy at Work

Are you looking for a change? Do you want to change your life for the good? Has your life changed for the good? Were you previously a disobedient person chasing after worldly pleasures but now a much more settled person? Is there a reason for the change? As we go through life, we often experienceContinue reading “God’s Mercy at Work”


Are you an encourager? Do you build others up? Do you give them a word of encouragement to achieve their goals? Do you spur others on to new heights? Do you give them the heart to keep pushing through when things get tough? Do you strengthen their resolve? Being a person of encouragement comes naturallyContinue reading “Encourager”

God’s Plan for Your Future

What are your plans for your life? Do you have it all mapped out for the next five, ten, twenty, or fifty years? Does your plan include professional goals with regular promotions? Is God included in your plan? Have you sought God’s plan for your life? We make plans. We make plans for vacations monthsContinue reading “God’s Plan for Your Future”

The Fig Tree

Do you hear people speak idioms and sometimes wonder what they mean? Have you heard people use metaphors and not understand the point they were trying to make? Do you wonder why Jesus did some of the things He did? We use a wide variety of sayings that mean something other than the words thatContinue reading “The Fig Tree”

Peace, Encouragement, Thanks

Does peace rule your life? Or is your life full of upheaval, drama, and uncertainty? Do you admonish with psalms or with a sharp tongue that cuts deep? Do you do everything with thankfulness in your heart? Many, if not most, of us will say we long for peace. Yet we often do little inContinue reading “Peace, Encouragement, Thanks”

Daily Defense

How well are you protected? Are you aware of defense mechanisms available to you? Have you donned the armor provided to you? Or are you still trying to make it on your own? Do you not know that Jesus provides you with the defenses you need in this life? All of us are put onContinue reading “Daily Defense”