Greater Than Solomon

Do you seek knowledge? Do you seek wisdom? Are you listening for it? Are you paying attention? Are there people in your life you consider to be wise? Do you take their messages to heart? Have you considered listening to the words of Jesus? Most of us have or had someone who is/was older andContinue reading “Greater Than Solomon”


How well do you hear? How well do you listen? How well do you understand? How well do you pay attention? Are you wondering why all these questions? We’ll get to that shortly. Our current interpretation of what it means to hear is simply to perceive the sound of something. We don’t put as muchContinue reading “Hear”

Prepared At All Times

Are you prepared for what is coming? Do you know how to prepare? Do you know what to prepare for? If you knew, would you prepare? I recall the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared.” I remember my Scout Master often teaching us lessons to be prepared. He always used a different example every timeContinue reading “Prepared At All Times”