Can you interpret languages? Do you interpret the signs you see? Do you attempt to interpret what is going on around you? Have you ever used an interpreter? What does interpreting mean to you? We interpret many things in our lives. On a daily basis we interpret body language. We interpret tone of voice. WeContinue reading “Interpreting”

Spiritual Language

Have you ever heard someone speak in tongues? Do you know what it means to speak in tongues? Can you speak in multiple languages? Have you experienced the ability to speak in a language that no one else understands? Speaking in tongues, as spoken of in the Bible, has raised much debate. Some believe itContinue reading “Spiritual Language”

Gifts of Grace

Have you asked God for gifts? Have you asked God to bless you? Have you inventoried the blessings and gifts He has given you? Do you know God gifts you with talents? We may call them spiritual gifts. We may call them natural talents. We may even state that someone has been taught or grownContinue reading “Gifts of Grace”

Build Up

What is your purpose? For what reason were you put here on earth? Why has God blessed you with spiritual gifts? Are you more curious if your life will be a success by human standards than if you will fulfill God’s purpose for you? We all have a purpose in life. God has given usContinue reading “Build Up”

One Body

Do you know where you belong today? Where are you accepted? Where do you fit in? What is your position in life? Do you want to know where you belong, where you fit in, what your position is? Do you know you can find it? In our culture today, it seems as though everyone wantsContinue reading “One Body”