Transformed to be Like Jesus

What will you be when you grow up? Have you asked that question? Have you asked it multiple times? Have you asked it in jest? Did your plans for your life go as you planned? Are you the person today you thought you would be? Have you wondered what you will be for eternity? WhenContinue reading “Transformed to be Like Jesus”

Golden Rule

Do you know the golden rule? Can you quote it? Have you attempted to live by it? Was it difficult to do? Are you still attempting to live by it? Is it a challenge at certain times? What if you do not fully understand it? What if it is even more challenging than you think?Continue reading “Golden Rule”

Soft Heart Required

What are your thoughts on forgiveness? Do you seek forgiveness? Do you ask God to forgive you regularly? Do you ask others to forgive you when you have offended them? Are you willing to forgive others when they offend you? We talk about forgiveness quite often. Perhaps it is because we need a constant reminder.Continue reading “Soft Heart Required”

Be Like Jesus

Have you noticed how awful our cultural behavior has become? Have you seen people become angry at the drop of a hat? Do you hear them slandering one another? Have you become just like all those people you abhor? It is easy to sit back and pick apart the behavior of someone else. We areContinue reading “Be Like Jesus”

Take the Plank Out

Do you think highly of yourself? Do you look down on others? Do you look at others with a judgmental attitude? Have you looked at yourself honestly? Do you judge others in the same way you want to be judged? Our culture has taught us to look down on one another. For the smallest thingContinue reading “Take the Plank Out”

Offspring or Imitator

Do you want to be a child of God? Do you want to be like Him? Are you willing to take on the tough task of changing your attitude and behavior? Are you willing to love everyone as He loves them, including your enemies? If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, weContinue reading “Offspring or Imitator”

Do Not Judge

Are you judgmental? How judgmental are you? Do you only offer judgement on the most severe offenses? Or do you pronounce judgement on the smallest thing someone does that you do not agree with? Do you judge others in the same way you want to be judged? Our culture has become very judgmental. For theContinue reading “Do Not Judge”

Who is that?

Have you ever seen a stirring of people or hear a buzz of excitement going on and wonder why? Have you been in a crowded room when a controversial figure walks in and hear mumbling questions? Have you thought that was what happened when Jesus entered Jerusalem? Likely, you have heard the whispering about aContinue reading “Who is that?”


What do you know about farming? Do you know the seed is far different than the plant that grows? Have you ever planted a crop of corn or beans? Have you watered and fed a seed or young plant in order to help it grow into maturity? Planting seeds has been an ongoing task sinceContinue reading “Seeds”

The Perfect Role Model

Who is your role model? Why is that person your role model? Is it because of a special talent they have? Is it because of their political stance? Is it because of their moral make up? What do you think should be the deciding factor? People choose a role model for a variety of reasons.Continue reading “The Perfect Role Model”