The Wait is Over

Do you realize the gift you have? Have you taken time to evaluate what has been given to you and for you? Are you appreciative of the gift? How appreciative? How do you show your appreciation? We have been given a gift beyond what the riches of this world can buy. Unfortunately, we either do notContinue reading “The Wait is Over”

Amazing Grace

Do you like it when you receive a gift that completely bowls you over? A gift that you thought you would never get? One that overwhelms you emotionally, to the point of tears? Those are fun gifts, aren’t they? We may think of an overwhelming gift such as a brand-new car for Christmas. Perhaps itContinue reading “Amazing Grace”

Bear Good Fruit

Do you think of yourself as being a good person? Would you like to be a better person? How do you define a good person? What if you could receive guidance and help in becoming a better person? Would you accept it? Most of us want to be better than we are. We want othersContinue reading “Bear Good Fruit”

Turn It Over

Are you seeking relief from an oppressive situation? Do you long to see the world from a broader perspective? Would you like to experience true freedom in your life? Have you turned to the One who can grant you all of these? We may find ourselves in difficult, and perhaps oppressing, situations at various timesContinue reading “Turn It Over”

Heavenly Citizenship

Where is your citizenship? Where do you belong? Does that sound like a silly question? Would you like to be a citizen of somewhere else? Are you a follower of Jesus? Do you know your citizenship is in heaven? We may think it odd having citizenship in heaven. After all, we don’t physically live there.Continue reading “Heavenly Citizenship”

Root of Thankfulness

How do you live your life? What or who are you rooted in? Does that root go deep or is it shallow and spread out like a spider web? Do you receive the nourishment you need to strengthen you, or do you wither when it gets hot? It may seem odd to compare ourselves toContinue reading “Root of Thankfulness”

A New Beginning

How would you like to have an inheritance you could never expend? Would you like to have confidence it would last forever? Do you desire a restart, a do over, a new beginning? Do you know it is available to you? Most of us think of an inheritance as money, land, or possessions. Some areContinue reading “A New Beginning”

The Perfect Gift

Do you like to receive gifts? Do you like to give gifts? Do you prefer gifts for your birthday or Christmas? What was one of the favorite gifts you ever received? What gift was the most meaningful? Do you look at yourself as a gift? Gifts can be fun to receive. Sometimes we get exactlyContinue reading “The Perfect Gift”

Unmerited Inheritance

Do you know what your inheritance will be? Have you thought about it? Will you inherit a family business? Will your inheritance be a life insurance policy? Will you have no inheritance at all? There is one inheritance that can be guaranteed. Some of us will receive a large inheritance. Others of us may receiveContinue reading “Unmerited Inheritance”

Seeking Treasure

Have you ever found something you would give anything to get? Are you working and saving for that wonderful possession? Do you look for opportunities to obtain something of great worth? Do you know there is something worth more than this world freely available to you? As we go through life, we all have yearningsContinue reading “Seeking Treasure”