Rejoice with Abraham

What causes you to rejoice? Is it a promotion in your job? Is finding someone special to be your companion for life? Is it watching your child accomplish something they have been working hard for? What causes you to rejoice? Do you rejoice in Jesus Christ? Many things in this world can provide us withContinue reading “Rejoice with Abraham”

Be Like a Child

Do you sometimes feel like a child? Do you act like a child? Do you experience exhilaration, surprise, and pure joy like a child? Or are you an old fuddy duddy who frowns and prefers not to be excited or surprised? What if you needed to be like a child? Would that change your attitude?Continue reading “Be Like a Child”

Seeing the Christ

Have you seen Jesus? Have you seen Him as the Messiah–the Christ? Have you seen Him as the Son of God? Have you seen Him as your Lord? Have you seen Him as your Savior? Would you like to? Many of us have heard about Jesus for much of our lives. We know many ofContinue reading “Seeing the Christ”

The Root Cause

Why is there death in this world? Why is there corruption? Why is there oppression? Why is there injustice? Why are there hurting people everywhere we turn? Why is there pain, suffering, tears, hate, fear, and all the negatives we can think of? The one-word answer to all those questions is—sin. We don’t talk muchContinue reading “The Root Cause”

Judge of All

Who do you know whom you honor? Who do you know whom you revere? Who do you know for which you treat with high respect and may even be a bit in awe of? Is there anyone? Is it a relative? Is it a co-worker or boss? Do you give honor to God and hisContinue reading “Judge of All”

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Yes, Jesus rose on that long ago Easter morning. He conquered death. He rose to visit with the women and His disciples before He ascended to heaven. All were astonished, even though He had told them this would happen. God works in amazing ways. He sends angels toContinue reading “Christ is Risen!”


What does life mean to you? Is it a mere existence? Is life the pursuit of happiness? Is it loving someone, marrying them, and spending your life together? Is life climbing the corporate ladder? Is it living abundantly in love, joy, and peace? We all share some common elements in our definition of life, andContinue reading “Life-Giver”

The Meaning of a Title

Have you ever put much thought into a title? Have you thought about the different titles used for leadership positions? Do you automatically recognize someone’s job description by the title of their position? We use many different titles for leadership positions, ranging from manager to chief executive officer, mayor to president. We don’t see asContinue reading “The Meaning of a Title”

Be Like Andrew

Are you calloused? Do you have a sinical view of the world? Does anything surprise you? Does anything excite you? Is your excitement limited to momentary excitement, quickly dissipating once the event is over? We all get excited for one reason or another. We are surprised by something unexpected happening. Yet, as we grow older,Continue reading “Be Like Andrew”

Knowing Jesus

Do you know who Jesus is? Have you heard about Him but not quite fully understand? Have you seen pictures painted by artists? How likely do you think they capture His likeness? Does His likeness really matter? What do you think is most important to know about Jesus? We have heard of God and Jesus.Continue reading “Knowing Jesus”