Strengthen Your Heart

Are there times when you feel helpless? Do you feel as though you are a fifth wheel? Do you think you are being left out because you have nothing to contribute? Are you in a situation in which you do not know how you will get through it? We all face situations for which weContinue reading “Strengthen Your Heart”

Cry Out To God

Have you been taught that the Christian life is wonderful? Does that hinder you from crying out to God? Have you ever asked God why things have happened? Many of us have heard God is love, God is good, God blesses us, and God cares deeply for us. We likely have heard the “prosperity gospel,”Continue reading “Cry Out To God”

Ask God Why

Have you wept bitterly over the loss of a loved one? Have you had grief overtake you to the point of not knowing where to turn? Do you ever feel like asking God why bad things happen? Do you know that God weeps, too? It may sound odd to hear that God weeps. But takeContinue reading “Ask God Why”

Persistently Seek Justice

Do you feel as though you have been wronged? Do you see others being mistreated? Do you long for justice to be served? Are you seeking a wrong to be righted? Have you cried out to God, asking him to bring about the justice you seek? When we have been wronged, it can seem toContinue reading “Persistently Seek Justice”

Ready and Willing

Are you experiencing an extremely difficult time? Do you know where to find help? Have you been turned away by people you thought you could trust? Are others unable to help? Have you cried out to God? We may experience an extremely difficult situation. It may be a situation that no one else can helpContinue reading “Ready and Willing”

Cry Out to God

Are you being overwhelmed by current circumstances? Do you wonder how you will ever overcome them? Does it feel as though they will completely consume you? Do you just want to cry out in a loud voice and ask why? We may experience times of overwhelming bad news. We may be fired from our job,Continue reading “Cry Out to God”

Do Not Test God

Are you at times frustrated with waiting? Do you wish action would be taken sooner? Are you tired of barely holding on, waiting for relief to come? Do you ever wonder when God is going to lift you up out of the problems you are experiencing? We wait in many aspects of our lives. WeContinue reading “Do Not Test God”

Faith of a Mustard Seed

Are there times you feel unprepared? Do you sometimes feel weak? Have you experienced feeling as though you lack knowledge or wisdom? Does it seem as though your faith is being tested and is woefully lacking? We all go through times when we feel as though we are drowning or being overwhelmed by circumstances. OurContinue reading “Faith of a Mustard Seed”

Breaking Our Chains

We all find we are shackled by one thing or another. Our chains may be physical, but it is far more likely they are mental, emotional, or spiritual. God has the power to break those chains, regardless of what they are. So, how do we go about convincing God to break them? Our first stepContinue reading “Breaking Our Chains”

Cry Out To God

Have you strayed from God? Do you feel like you are trapped? Does it feel as though you are a prisoner, trapped in a situation with no way out? Are you on the verge of giving up? Does your situation feel hopeless? We all experience a situation at some time in our lives that feelsContinue reading “Cry Out To God”