Animals In Eternity

Do you have a pet you love? Do you long to keep them with you forever? Have you ever wondered if there will be animals in heaven? Have you heard people mention “doggy heaven?” Is there a biblical basis for people believing animals will be with them after this life? We see many people whoContinue reading “Animals In Eternity”

Eternal Treasure

Are your treasures stored in a place that cannot be robbed? Have you successfully deposited your treasure in a place that will never decay? Is your treasure imperishable? Are you curious where you can deposit to keep your treasures safe? We deposit money into a bank for safekeeping. We may invest money in the stockContinue reading “Eternal Treasure”

It Is Not For You To Know

Have you heard the rhetoric the end times are here? Do you wonder if the world is coming to an end? Are you worried the rumors may be true? Would you like to have peace of mind? Do you know there is no intention for you to know? It is likely we have all seenContinue reading “It Is Not For You To Know”

A New Thing

Do you like new things? What about new situations? Do you like going to new places seeing things you have not seen before? How would you like to know you have a guaranteed passage to see something far grander than anything in this world? Getting new things is nice. Seeing new places can be exhilarating.Continue reading “A New Thing”

Children of the Resurrection

Have you considered what happens beyond this life? Have you stopped to think about eternity? Do you wonder what it will be like? Do you wonder what you will be like? Have you taken a look at Jesus’ description? There are many in this world who fear death. They have no idea what happens next.Continue reading “Children of the Resurrection”

Jesus’ Return

Have you ever wondered about the end times? Do you wonder what it will be like when Jesus returns? Are you confused by all that you read about His return? Do you want to know what the truth is about the end of time? We don’t often think about the end of time nor Jesus’Continue reading “Jesus’ Return”