Light or Dark

Do you prefer the light or the dark? Do you prefer good or evil? How do you put your preferences into action? Are you fearful of the dark and evil? Do you stand in awe of God’s light and goodness? We often see things in simple terms. There is light and dark. There is goodContinue reading “Light or Dark”

It Is Not For You To Know

Have you heard the rhetoric the end times are here? Do you wonder if the world is coming to an end? Are you worried the rumors may be true? Would you like to have peace of mind? Do you know there is no intention for you to know? It is likely we have all seenContinue reading “It Is Not For You To Know”

Live At Peace

As we look around us, we can find many things wrong from our viewpoint. As we watch the news, we can quickly get upset at what we see. Our culture has taught us to be very judgmental. Have taken time to simply look back over a single day at your thoughts or what you haveContinue reading “Live At Peace”