Light or Dark

Do you prefer the light or the dark? Do you prefer good or evil? How do you put your preferences into action? Are you fearful of the dark and evil? Do you stand in awe of God’s light and goodness? We often see things in simple terms. There is light and dark. There is goodContinue reading “Light or Dark”

Seek Understanding

Are you learning each day? Are you seeking to understand why? Are you doing your own research? What are you looking to understand? Are you seeking to know how to improve your life? Are you seeking to know God? We see it every day. We see people blindly following someone who is charismatic. We peopleContinue reading “Seek Understanding”

Belief and Faith

Do you believe there is a God? Do you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God? How does your belief play out in your daily life? Do you know that simply believing isn’t enough? Belief must be put into action in the form of faith. Our faith in Christ sets us free. We seeContinue reading “Belief and Faith”