Fasting For God

What are your thoughts about fasting? Do you think it’s really a bunch of hogwash? Are you sitting there thinking there is nothing to be gained by it? Do you fret having to fast for medical appointments? Have you ever thought God will reward you for fasting? We have likely seen diets that include fasting.Continue reading “Fasting For God”

Breaking Our Chains

We all find we are shackled by one thing or another. Our chains may be physical, but it is far more likely they are mental, emotional, or spiritual. God has the power to break those chains, regardless of what they are. So, how do we go about convincing God to break them? Our first stepContinue reading “Breaking Our Chains”

Cry Out To God

Have you strayed from God? Do you feel like you are trapped? Does it feel as though you are a prisoner, trapped in a situation with no way out? Are you on the verge of giving up? Does your situation feel hopeless? We all experience a situation at some time in our lives that feelsContinue reading “Cry Out To God”

Assess Your Love

We have many false ideas running around in our heads. Some of them are rather harmless. Some may cause us a little trouble. Others are downright dangerous, to the point of negatively affecting our physical, emotional, and especially our spiritual wellbeing. In fact, they can doom us for eternity. That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Unfortunately,Continue reading “Assess Your Love”

Seek, Knock, Wait

We look for answers in all types of places and from all types of people. Our search is never ending. Questions come to mind every day. Some questions are relatively small and non-impactful. Others are more important and may be life changing. The more important the question, the larger the impact on us, the moreContinue reading “Seek, Knock, Wait”

Be A Mary

Do you worry about many things? Do you strive to ensure everything is just so? Are you continually trying to please everyone? Do you often feel as though you have no help? Are you distracted by doing rather than being? We are often distracted by doing. We listen to others, whether friends, family, or mediaContinue reading “Be A Mary”

Determine Your Priority

What are the most important priorities in your life? Are people in your top priorities? Are possessions part of your top priorities? Do you put possessions ahead of people? Have you spent time to truly consider what is most important to you? We will often say something or someone is important to us. We mayContinue reading “Determine Your Priority”

Reward in Prayer

Do you look forward to a reward? Do you look forward to a reward with such desire that you save to reward yourself? Are you working extra hard so your boss will recognize your work and reward you? Have you ever thought about being rewarded by God? We often look to be rewarded with money,Continue reading “Reward in Prayer”

Choose God’s Wisdom

How smart are you? How smart do you think you are? Do you consider being smart the same as being wise? What do you consider as wisdom? Do you consider yourself as wise? Do you want to be wise? There is a significant difference between being smart and being wise. It is one thing toContinue reading “Choose God’s Wisdom”


What do you think of when you hear restoration? Do you think of restoring an old car? Do you think about restoring a relationship? Are you thinking about restoring family ties? Are you thinking about restoring our country, bringing about normal functions and peace? When we hear the word restoration, it can bring many thingsContinue reading “Restoration”