Do you meditate regularly? Do you meditate at all? What does meditation mean to you? Do you think of meditation as something foreign or something only monks do? Do you know that meditation can be just a few minutes? Do you know it can be a frame of mind? I once thought of meditation asContinue reading “Meditation”

Rejoice Always

Do you rejoice in your knowing that Jesus has risen from the dead? What does rejoicing mean to you? Is rejoicing only the feeling of happiness? Does rejoicing include making a choice? Would you believe it means both? We often think of rejoicing as experiencing happiness or gladness. When something occurs that makes us happy,Continue reading “Rejoice Always”

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Yes, Jesus rose on that long ago Easter morning. He conquered death. He rose to visit with the women and His disciples before He ascended to heaven. All were astonished, even though He had told them this would happen. God works in amazing ways. He sends angels toContinue reading “Christ is Risen!”