Eternal Glory

Do you seek rewards? Are you seeking recognition? Do you desire to be honored for your accomplishments? Are you looking for your ten-minutes of fame? Do you know you can receive glory that will last forever? Do you know you can do something that will never be forgotten? We often seek to be recognized forContinue reading “Eternal Glory”

Be Like a Child

Do you sometimes feel like a child? Do you act like a child? Do you experience exhilaration, surprise, and pure joy like a child? Or are you an old fuddy duddy who frowns and prefers not to be excited or surprised? What if you needed to be like a child? Would that change your attitude?Continue reading “Be Like a Child”

Light of the World

What are you filled with? What are your thoughts about? What is your guide for your thoughts, attitude, and behavior? Is it crassness, disregard, and a hardened heart? Or is it compassion, a softened heart, and love? Do you know whether it is darkness or light? We all are guided by one thing or another.Continue reading “Light of the World”

Inside Out

Do you worry about presenting a good image to others? Do you work to make yourself look good when interacting with others? Do you dress yourself up, put on a smile, and change your language? Are you full of turmoil, anxiety, and fear on the inside? Our culture has become a culture of image. WeContinue reading “Inside Out”

Be Righteous

Are you struggling to do good? Are you seeking to be recognized as an upstanding citizen? Would you like people to say good things about you? Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God? Is your faith waning? Most of us want others to say good things about us. We care about our reputation.Continue reading “Be Righteous”

The Few, The Loving, The Pursuers

Do you have goals you are pursuing? Are you looking a particularly large purchase you are saving for? Do you have your sights set on a promotion at work? Are you looking for that special relationship? Is there some other important goal you have set for yourself? We often set goals in life. They mayContinue reading “The Few, The Loving, The Pursuers”

Humble Before God

In today’s passage, we see a quote from Jesus that can quickly be taken out of context and often is. Unfortunately, many people will apply it to their job or their relationship or perhaps to competing on a team. Things may or may not work out as they think when applying this passage to thoseContinue reading “Humble Before God”

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Who is in charge of your life? Do you think you are in charge of your life? Do you ever stop to spend time to think through who is controlling your life? What will you do when you find out you are not as in charge as you think? Will you allow Jesus to takeContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”


How are you renewed to face each day? Is it a good night’s sleep? Is it by looking forward to something good happening today? Is it because of a positive attitude? Or, do you have a more powerful source that renews you? We have all experienced the drudgery of this world. There are numerous worriesContinue reading “Renewal”


Are you convicted? Have you been accused of being a believer is Jesus Christ? Can others clearly see you are a follower of Jesus? Do they see Him in your actions and behavior? Or, are you convicted of sinful behavior? There really is no in between. In today’s world we see so many people whoContinue reading “Convicted”