Empty Grave

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Yes, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. He left the grave empty, with the exception of the grave clothes. The linen wrappings and the face cloth were left behind. But Jesus was no longer there. Mary, Peter, and John were all amazed. Peter and John returned toContinue reading “Empty Grave”

Be Like a Child

Do you sometimes feel like a child? Do you act like a child? Do you experience exhilaration, surprise, and pure joy like a child? Or are you an old fuddy duddy who frowns and prefers not to be excited or surprised? What if you needed to be like a child? Would that change your attitude?Continue reading “Be Like a Child”

Be Like Andrew

Are you calloused? Do you have a sinical view of the world? Does anything surprise you? Does anything excite you? Is your excitement limited to momentary excitement, quickly dissipating once the event is over? We all get excited for one reason or another. We are surprised by something unexpected happening. Yet, as we grow older,Continue reading “Be Like Andrew”