Courage By Faith

What does it mean to be courageous? Does it mean to be bold? Does it mean you are never afraid? Would you like to be courageous? Do you want to know how to be courageous? Do you know you can be courageous? We hear of the courage of those who go to battle. We hearContinue reading “Courage By Faith”

Continual Battle

What is your situational awareness? Are you paying attention to all that is going on around you? Do you see and understand what is going on behind the scenes? Do you see through the fog of busyness the root of all the negativeness? My observance of the human race is we are caught up inContinue reading “Continual Battle”

Questions to Doubt

Do you have questions? Do you have lots of questions? Is your tendency to question everything and everyone? Or do you only question what you disagree with or do not like? Do you question it, even when you know in your heart it is true? We all have questions. In fact, we may question manyContinue reading “Questions to Doubt”

Reconciliation In Christ

Do you feel alienated? Do you wonder if God has abandoned you? Do you feel guilty? Are you looking for reconciliation? Do you long for relief? Do you not understand God has already cleansed you? We all go through times of feeling alienated. We feel as though our family and friends have abandoned us. WeContinue reading “Reconciliation In Christ”