Alert and Sober

How alert are you? Do you regularly observe what is going on around you? Are you of sober mind? Do you periodically take a step back to view the big picture? Have you taken time to view the events on earth in relation to eternity? We can be distracted in any number of ways. OurContinue reading “Alert and Sober”

Continual Battle

What is your situational awareness? Are you paying attention to all that is going on around you? Do you see and understand what is going on behind the scenes? Do you see through the fog of busyness the root of all the negativeness? My observance of the human race is we are caught up inContinue reading “Continual Battle”

Be of Sober Mind

Would you consider yourself to be of sober mind? Do you think rationally through the situation before reacting (or overreacting)? Are you relying on God to provide you an answer? Are you taking advantage of the blessings God has blessed you with to assess your situation properly? Sober mindedness is a sorely needed trait inContinue reading “Be of Sober Mind”