Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks

How well do you rejoice? Are you praying regularly, even at all times? Are you thankful for everything, even those times when it’s a bit rough? Do you look at the situation as one in which God will use to your betterment? Our normal human behavior is to be happy when something good happens forContinue reading “Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks”

Seen Vs Unseen

Where do you put your trust? Do you only trust what you can see? Are you frustrated when you experience trouble? Do you have a short-term focus? Or, do you focus more on the long-term? Does your vision go beyond the here and now into eternity? Most of us are focused on what is rightContinue reading “Seen Vs Unseen”

Never Too Busy

Is your life hectic? Does is seem there is always something to do? Are you constantly in a hurry? When you are in a rush, does it seem as though something always gets in your way and slows you down? Does all this rush cause your emotions to run hot? We are all very busy.Continue reading “Never Too Busy”

Bowing Down

Who do you cater to? Who are the people you bow down to? Do you realize you are bowing down to others? Who are you putting ahead of your walk with Jesus Christ? Will you decide to put Jesus ahead of all others? We bow down to more people in our culture today than weContinue reading “Bowing Down”