Charitable Attitude

Are you a charitable person? Do you have an attitude of charity? Are you generous with what you have been blessed with? Will you share your blessings with others? Have you pondered why God has blessed you? Many of us give to charitable organizations. We may give to organizations to help the homeless, children, orContinue reading “Charitable Attitude”

Serving in God’s Grace

What does serving others mean to you? Is your focus on what you can do for them? Do you reap any benefits from serving others? Do you prefer others to serve you? Have you thought about your service being a grace from God? Serving others comes in many forms. We may serve by helping aContinue reading “Serving in God’s Grace”

In Sync With God

Why do you do what you do? What is your reason for going about your daily tasks? Is there a motivating factor that spurs you on? Can you define what it is that causes you to work hard? Are you doing everything for the glory of God? We all have a reason for going aboutContinue reading “In Sync With God”

Eagerly Serving

How willing are you to help someone in need? Are you willing to step in and lend a helping hand when there is a task to be done? Will you help those suffering from a disaster? Are you willing to mentor someone facing challenges? Most of us are willing to help family and friends. WeContinue reading “Eagerly Serving”

A Personal Gift

As we continue looking at the Holy Spirit and the gifts He gives this week, what gift or gifts have you been blessed with? If you are curious, there are a variety of test you can take. However, I recommend you talk with your pastor or spiritual leader for guidance regarding which one you use.Continue reading “A Personal Gift”

Evil Motives

Are you adhering to the wisdom of this world? Do you follow the crowd when it comes to gaining understanding? Is your desire for wisdom selfish ambition? Have you considered where your desire for wisdom is coming from? Most of us desire to know more. We want to learn new things, understand more, and ultimatelyContinue reading “Evil Motives”

Spiritual Gifts

What are your gifts? Have you spent time to evaluate them? Do you know how to use your gifts? If not, are you willing to learn? Are you using them to further the kingdom of God? We are all given gifts by God. More specifically, Jesus gives each of us one or more gifts. SomeContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts”

Humble Yourself

Do you like it when people honor you for doing something well? Do you seek recognition for extraordinary talent or achievements? Are you frustrated when others are presented with awards? Have you realized you are called to be humble? We see people put on pedestals for their achievements. Our society is constantly looking for someoneContinue reading “Humble Yourself”

Water Flowing Over A Rock

What is your life’s ambition? Do you have high and lofty goals? Are you planning to change the world? Do you want to have a positive impact in your community? Are you willing to be like water rolling over a rock? When we are young, and sometimes not so young, we have big aspirations toContinue reading “Water Flowing Over A Rock”

Humbly Serve One Another

Have you ever wondered why human relations take on so many different forms? If we are being observant, we see as many variations in relationships as there are colors in the spectrum. The range is mindboggling. We chock the variations up to each person being unique, and they are. We simply accept that not everyContinue reading “Humbly Serve One Another”