Diversity Given

Do you like variety? Do you like diversity? Or do you prefer the same things over and over? Do you like doing different things on different days? Or do you prefer doing the same thing every day? Have you thought about where your desire for something different comes from? All of us like to eatContinue reading “Diversity Given”

Creator Jesus

Continuing our look at who Jesus is from yesterday, today’s passage fills in more of the picture. It also gives us a picture of God. That isn’t much of a surprise after yesterday’s message. After all, we found that John stated Jesus was God. Today, Paul tells the church at Colossae Jesus is the imageContinue reading “Creator Jesus”

Foolishness and Weakness

Do you feel ostracized? Do others look down on you? Do you think of yourself as being weak? Do you consider your intelligence lacking? Do you feel as though no one listens to you? Have you decided to accept God’s wisdom? We interact with people with all types of knowledge, skills, and abilities in thisContinue reading “Foolishness and Weakness”