You Cannot Know

Do you want to know the future? Do you wish you could control the future? Are you trying to control it? Do you listen to predictions others are making? Do you make your own predictions? What are you basing them on? How often are you correct? It is in our nature to want to knowContinue reading “You Cannot Know”

Waiting in Grief

Do you like waiting? What if you are waiting in grief? What if all your hopes had just been dashed? What if you feel as though your dreams were just crushed? Do you look for something to put your hope in? Is the waiting excruciating in one of these situations? Our culture has conditioned usContinue reading “Waiting in Grief”

Easter Morning

Have you ever been surprised with a gift so wonderful you couldn’t believe it was true? I believe we all have had good surprises during our lifetime, but I don’t believe any could be as wonderful as having someone you loved appear to you alive after being dead for three days. Put yourself in theContinue reading “Easter Morning”