Keep the Sabbath Holy

Do you remember the Sabbath? Do you know what the Sabbath is? Do you know why God says we are to remember the Sabbath? Do you know what makes the Sabbath special? Will decide to remember the Sabbath? For some of us, the Sabbath is a foreign word. For others, we may have heard it,Continue reading “Keep the Sabbath Holy”

Owed Debts

What do you owe? Have you thought about what you owe to others? Have you thought about who you owe?  Do you pay what you owe? Have you considered that owing someone is not always financial? I see a horrific trend in our culture today. Many, if not most, seem to think they are owed ratherContinue reading “Owed Debts”


How do you feel about people who say one thing but do something different? Do you like to be with people who say they like you to your face, but find every excuse to not spend time with you? How long would it be before you gave up on them? We have all experienced thisContinue reading “Lip-Service”

Stand in Awe of God

Who do you fear? Who do you stand in awe of? Who would you never think of disobeying? Is there anyone? Or do you think you can withstand anyone, overpower them, overcome them? Have you spent any time thinking about it? We encounter people in our lives who are confident, some to the point ofContinue reading “Stand in Awe of God”

Teach Yourself

Are you a person who likes teaching others? Do you continually correct the faults you see in others? Do you talk about the faults of others but do not tell them? Have you taught yourself and fixed your own faults? It is easy to see the faults in others. We may even see our ownContinue reading “Teach Yourself”

Do It All for the Glory of God

Do it all to the glory of God! Paul told the Colossians to do everything in the name of Jesus. If we do that, we do everything in truth and love. If we do that, we will be respected and honored by others. If we do that, we will not have the hate, malice, disgust,Continue reading “Do It All for the Glory of God”

Judging Jesus

Have you ever spent time thinking about just how outrageous the trial was that Jesus faced? Have you ever thought, “How can anyone have authority over Jesus?” What amazing audacity to think you can judge the Son of God?! But wait! Do we judge Him? Oh, we certainly do not, we might claim. We don’tContinue reading “Judging Jesus”

Honor Your Parents

What is your relationship with your parents? Is it one of respect? Is it a strained relationship? Have you spent time putting yourself in their shoes? Do you attempt to see through their eyes? Are you willing to honor them as God has commanded? We see varying relationships between children and parents. Some are veryContinue reading “Honor Your Parents”

Honor and Glory

Do you honor God? Do you honor Jesus Christ? Do you give Him the glory? Do you know how to honor Him and give Him the glory? Do you recognize Him for who He is? Do you know Him for who He is? We honor many people in this world. Some don’t really deserve it.Continue reading “Honor and Glory”

Day of Commitment

Do you like to laugh? Do you like parties? Are you happy when you are celebrating a birthday? Do you love celebrating holidays? Do you rejoice in your salvation provided by God? Do you jump for joy when you see someone commit to Christ? Celebrating birthdays and holidays can be amazing. Those celebrations are oftenContinue reading “Day of Commitment”