Scatter Your Gifts

How freely do you share your gifts? Do you share them openly and freely? Or do you hold on to them tightly for your own use? Have you thought that by not sharing you are hurting yourself? Perhaps it is worth thinking about. Sharing is something most of us are taught as children, especially ifContinue reading “Scatter Your Gifts”

Use Your Gifts Wisely

For the past few weeks, we have discussed spiritual gifts. We have covered gifts from apostle to servant, prophet to speaking in tongues, helping to miracles, and many more. Each of us has at least one gift. What are we to do with our gifts? The Holy Spirit distributes these gifts to us as heContinue reading “Use Your Gifts Wisely”

Spiritual Gifts

What are your gifts? Have you spent time to evaluate them? Do you know how to use your gifts? If not, are you willing to learn? Are you using them to further the kingdom of God? We are all given gifts by God. More specifically, Jesus gives each of us one or more gifts. SomeContinue reading “Spiritual Gifts”