Freely or Grudgingly

When we share, do we do it freely or grudgingly? When we donate to help the schools, do we do it freely or grudgingly? When we agree to help a neighbor, do we do it freely or grudgingly? When we return a portion of God’s blessing to his church, do we do it grudgingly orContinue reading “Freely or Grudgingly”

Good Reputation

Do you desire to stand out? Do you like to have people point at you and say, “she is a wonderful person”? Have you thought about it? Have you taken steps to make it a reality? Do you know what steps you need to take? Even if we are not a person who seeks theContinue reading “Good Reputation”

Attitude of Sharing

How well do you share? Are you willing to help those in need? Are you willing to host others? Does sharing mean only giving any extra you may have? Does helping those in need mean only giving away your old and used items? Some of us were taught to share as young children. Some wereContinue reading “Attitude of Sharing”

Seeking the Best

What are you willing to give up to receive something better? Are you willing to give up your old clothes to receive new ones? Are you willing to give up your old way of thinking to pursue a new one? Are you willing to give up seeking hard evidence for faith? We pursue better thingsContinue reading “Seeking the Best”

Peace Through Love

Yesterday, we covered some peace principles. Today, we continue that discussion as Paul provides those same principles in simpler terms. As he is writing to the church in Colossae, he gives them (and us) a rapid-fire lesson on how to live as Christians. In Colossians 3:1-17, Paul rattles off a series of reasons for usContinue reading “Peace Through Love”

The Devil’s Foothold

How do you react when you are angry? What thoughts run through your head? Are you ready to lash out at whatever or whoever is in the immediate vicinity? Do you know it is the devil who is prompting your behavior? We all get angry from time-to-time. Someone wrongs us and we want to lashContinue reading “The Devil’s Foothold”

Sincere Love

Do you ever wonder just how you are to act in any given situation? Have you wondered how others expect you to act or behave? Ever wonder how God expects you to behave, what attitude He wants you to have, how He wants you to interact with others? We change our behavior based on whoContinue reading “Sincere Love”

Heal The Sick

What immediately comes to your mind when you think of church? Who is the first person that comes to mind when you think of a Jesus follower? Do those two thoughts make sense when you put them together? Or do they seem to be very different thoughts? There are people who think of the churchContinue reading “Heal The Sick”

Reconciliation and Forgiveness

How good are you at apologizing? Do you loath the idea of saying you are sorry. When you finally grudgingly apologize, is it honest and wholehearted? Do you truly seek to reconcile differences with someone else? It seems there is no one in our world today who isn’t at odds with someone else. There isContinue reading “Reconciliation and Forgiveness”

A Good Worker

Are you a person who does your work cheerfully? Or do you grumble about the tasks assigned to you? Do you willingly chip in to help others? Or do you attempt to get out of helping? Have you thought how that reflects, not only on you, but on God as well? We all have daysContinue reading “A Good Worker”