Good Reputation

Do you desire to stand out? Do you like to have people point at you and say, “she is a wonderful person”? Have you thought about it? Have you taken steps to make it a reality? Do you know what steps you need to take? Even if we are not a person who seeks theContinue reading “Good Reputation”

Love Life

Do you want to love life? Do you want to see good days? Would it be great to have many good days, so many that you absolutely love life? Do you know how to achieve it? Are you willing to do what is necessary? Most of us would say we want good days. We wouldContinue reading “Love Life”

All For All

Are you put out by people who don’t carry their share of the load? Would you like to energize them in some way? Or, would you prefer they leave your presence and not return? Do you not know that all of us have a part to play? We often get upset when we are workingContinue reading “All For All”

Why Are You Complaining?

Do you complain a lot? Do you look for reasons to complain? Has it become so second nature that you don’t even realize how much you complain? Do you know that complaining can be the same as indicting God? Our culture is full of complainers. Based on my experience, the vast majority of people inContinue reading “Why Are You Complaining?”