Give a Reason

How prepared are you to give a reason for your faith? Are you prepared to correct someone else for disobedience to God’s Word? Can you use God’s Word to encourage someone? Are you mature enough in God’s Word to use it with patience? If we have been in the church long enough, we have heardContinue reading “Give a Reason”

Live A Worthy Life

What is your definition of a good life? What are the components that make up a life worth living? Have you spent time thinking about it? Does it include a list of possessions? Does it include a spouse with certain qualities? I believe we all want to live a life worth living. For most ofContinue reading “Live A Worthy Life”

Power of the Gospel

Do you ever deny you are a Christian? Are there times when you may not lie, but neither do you make it obvious you follow Jesus? Have you considered you may be the only one who others may hear about Jesus from? There will be times when we don’t want to stand out as aContinue reading “Power of the Gospel”

Practice Patience

How do you handle waiting? Do you wait patiently? Or are you impatient, continually complaining about the requirement to wait? Have you been captured by the instant access to information on the internet and overnight shipping, now wanting everything immediately? Our culture has become impatient. We have become used to getting answers immediately. It simplyContinue reading “Practice Patience”

Untangling Opponents

How often do you face opponents? How do you approach an opponent? Do you look to annihilate them? Does it depend on what kind of opposition it is? Do you know there is instruction provided for handling opponents? As we go through life, especially as we make our following of Jesus known, we will faceContinue reading “Untangling Opponents”

Bond of Peace

How is your patience? How well do you bear with the faults of others? Are you willing to be gentle with others? Will you humble yourself? Are you willing to do all this in love for one another? Would you like others to be this way toward you? I venture to guess that everyone wouldContinue reading “Bond of Peace”

Sharing With Others

How well do you share? Are you willing to share food? Do you share clothing? Will you allow someone else to use tools? Do you lend your vehicle to others? What are you unwilling to share? What is it you refuse to give up? If we grew up with siblings, there is a good chanceContinue reading “Sharing With Others”

Unified In Love

Do you like it when you are chosen? Doesn’t it feel good to be wanted? Do you consider yourself to be holy? Do you feel as though you are loved? What makes you feel loved? Do you share your love in the same way? Most of us like it when we are chosen to beContinue reading “Unified In Love”

All For All

Are you put out by people who don’t carry their share of the load? Would you like to energize them in some way? Or, would you prefer they leave your presence and not return? Do you not know that all of us have a part to play? We often get upset when we are workingContinue reading “All For All”

Unrelenting Light

Are you tired of hearing about all the violence on the daily news? Do you wish people would simply get along? What are you doing about it? Are you willing to make a difference in the world? Will you stand up for what is right in the eyes of God? We all see and hearContinue reading “Unrelenting Light”