Do Not Be Angry

Do you anger easily? Is your temperament to be angry when the smallest thing doesn’t go your way? Has your anger gone so far as to wish ill of another person? Have you attempted to inflict injury on someone else? Do you want to eliminate these thoughts? Some of us are quicker to anger thanContinue reading “Do Not Be Angry”

Cry Out to God

Are you being overwhelmed by current circumstances? Do you wonder how you will ever overcome them? Does it feel as though they will completely consume you? Do you just want to cry out in a loud voice and ask why? We may experience times of overwhelming bad news. We may be fired from our job,Continue reading “Cry Out to God”

The Devil’s Foothold

How do you react when you are angry? What thoughts run through your head? Are you ready to lash out at whatever or whoever is in the immediate vicinity? Do you know it is the devil who is prompting your behavior? We all get angry from time-to-time. Someone wrongs us and we want to lashContinue reading “The Devil’s Foothold”

Pray Appropriately

Have you ever wondered if God is really listening to your prayers? Do you sometimes think that your prayers are going unheard? Have you asked yourself if you are praying “correctly?” Do you think you might be worrying too much about how to pray? We’ve all seen someone during our lives who has prayed inContinue reading “Pray Appropriately”