God Prayed for You

Do you ask for prayers on your behalf? Are there times of sickness or disease for which you ask others to pray for you? Do you request prayers for a specific situation? Have you prayed for others and their situation? What if you could have God pray for you? As a pastor, I receive numerousContinue reading “God Prayed for You”

God Is For Us

Are there times when you wonder who is on your side? Does it feel as though you are left standing alone? Does it seem like you are continually pushing an oversized ball uphill? Are you aware that you are never left alone? Sometimes we feel as though we are fighting an uphill battle by ourselves.Continue reading “God Is For Us”

Be In Awe

Have you ever spent time pondering the sheer majesty of God? Have you looked at the stars at night and thought about how they were created? Have you tried to count the number of species and various breeds of animals? What about thinking about the make-up of your DNA? Sometimes, our breath is taken awayContinue reading “Be In Awe”

Pray Appropriately

Have you ever wondered if God is really listening to your prayers? Do you sometimes think that your prayers are going unheard? Have you asked yourself if you are praying “correctly?” Do you think you might be worrying too much about how to pray? We’ve all seen someone during our lives who has prayed inContinue reading “Pray Appropriately”

Our Refuge

Quoted from my devotional—Thought of the Day. Surely he will save you  from the fowler’s snare  and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers,  and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. — Psalm 91:3–4 Who do you run to? We might runContinue reading “Our Refuge”

Seek the Great Healer

When do you go to the doctor? Do you go for regular checkups? Or, do you only go when you are sick? Are you one of those that won’t go when sick until you have tried every home remedy you know? Do you dislike going to the doctor? Some of us don’t like going toContinue reading “Seek the Great Healer”

Known Prayer

Do you think everything is random? Do you believe there is no control? Do you wish there was someone in control? Do you wish there was someone you could talk to that would understand? Why don’t you spend time in prayer with God? We see weird things happen from time-to-time. When that happens, we mayContinue reading “Known Prayer”