Life in the Son

Have you experienced a rebirth? Have you been born of both water and spirit? Do you know a rebirth is needed to be in the body of Christ? Have you believed in Jesus’ testimony? Do you believe He is the Son of God? Do you believe He was risen on the third day? There areContinue reading “Life in the Son”

Calling All Sinners

Do you know the reason Jesus left heaven to come to this earth? Are you sure you know why? Have you heard there are several reasons for Him coming? Are you willing to answer His call? Have you heard His call? Jesus came to this earth for one primary reason. There are sub-components to theContinue reading “Calling All Sinners”

Excited To See Jesus

Are you an excitable person? Do you get excited to see a loved one you haven’t seen in quite a long while? Do you rush to get to them? Do you wrap your arms around them, give them a hug, and let them know you have missed them? When I think of someone being excitedContinue reading “Excited To See Jesus”

Accepting Truth

Are you willing to listen to the truth? Will you open your heart to hear the message of Jesus Christ? Will you willingly accept the possibility you have been wrong in the past? Will you give your heart to Jesus? Being willing to listen to and understand the truth of the gospel is challenging forContinue reading “Accepting Truth”

Seek the Great Healer

When do you go to the doctor? Do you go for regular checkups? Or, do you only go when you are sick? Are you one of those that won’t go when sick until you have tried every home remedy you know? Do you dislike going to the doctor? Some of us don’t like going toContinue reading “Seek the Great Healer”