Whole Heart

Have you spent time pondering what your beliefs are? Are there times when you feel as though there is a hole that needs to be filled within you? Do ever ask yourself if you truly know and understand who God is? We were made for relationship. We can go back to the creation story andContinue reading “Whole Heart”

Scam Calls

What is your reaction when your phone rings? Do you answer it? Do you first look to see who is calling? How do you react when someone is calling out to you in a store? What if you don’t remember who the person is who is calling you? Many of us have caller ID onContinue reading “Scam Calls”


What has been the happiest moment of your life? When have you been so happy that you cried? Have you been happy to the point of falling on your knees? Can you imagine the pure happiness of Mary Magdalene when she saw Jesus alive on the third day? We all have experienced days of happiness.Continue reading “Overjoyed”

Fill The Void

Are you longing to be a part of a group? Are you looking to be an active participant socially? Do you want to be with others who have your best interest at heart, who care for you? Are you willing to make a change in yourself to be part of a wonderful group? We allContinue reading “Fill The Void”