Complete Unity

What does unity mean to you? Are you willing to stick together through thick and thin? Are you willing to overlook shortcomings to remain unified in purpose? Will you seek to train your mind to focus on what is most important? Will you choose to focus on the reason for living? Depending on what organization,Continue reading “Complete Unity”

Choose Wisely

Who are your close friends? Who do you hang out with, do things with? Where are you looking for a partner? What are you looking for in a spouse? Are you looking for key components in their personality? Are you looking for them to have like beliefs? When I was younger, I didn’t really payContinue reading “Choose Wisely”

Well-Functioning Body

Do you long to be part of something good? Do you want to do good for others? Are you searching for a place where you belong? Have you had bad experiences with organizations or family? Do you know there is a place for you to be? It is our human nature to desire belonging toContinue reading “Well-Functioning Body”

Eternal Spring

Have you ever been hungry—I mean truly hungry, having not eaten for a couple days? I have you ever been thirsty—your mouth so dry you can’t even swallow? Have you ever thought your soul may be starving and thirsting? We all experience hunger to some degree. Otherwise, how would we know it was time toContinue reading “Eternal Spring”

Fill The Void

Are you longing to be a part of a group? Are you looking to be an active participant socially? Do you want to be with others who have your best interest at heart, who care for you? Are you willing to make a change in yourself to be part of a wonderful group? We allContinue reading “Fill The Void”