Complete Unity

What does unity mean to you? Are you willing to stick together through thick and thin? Are you willing to overlook shortcomings to remain unified in purpose? Will you seek to train your mind to focus on what is most important? Will you choose to focus on the reason for living? Depending on what organization,Continue reading “Complete Unity”

Work for the Harvest

Are you tired? Have you grown weary? Do you feel as though you need a break? Would you like to take a year off on a tropical island? Have you become lethargic, depressed, and feeling overwhelmed? The past couple years have worn on nearly all of us. We have been inundated with change upon changeContinue reading “Work for the Harvest”

Taking Care of the Body

Have you ever been in need and not know where to turn? Have been approached by a homeless person and struggled with what to do? Do you ask yourself what God wants you to do? The answer doesn’t come easy, does it? Many of us have been approached by someone on the street at oneContinue reading “Taking Care of the Body”

The Return

Have you had a family member or friend that left town for several months and returned? Have you left town for several months and returned? Was there a party thrown or were people happy to see the person who left and returned? There are many reasons for people to leave town. Students go off toContinue reading “The Return”