The Same As Jesus

Ever wonder if you are loved? Are there times you feel as though no one cares? Are you looking for confirmation God loves you? Do you trust Jesus at His word? Have you read what He was praying to the Father on your behalf? There are times we experience doubts. The doubts creep in whenContinue reading “The Same As Jesus”

Be Conformed

Would you like to have someone working for your good? Do you long to have someone powerful on your side? Have you chosen to have someone powerful on your side? Do you seek glory on your own or wait for it come as promised? Most of us want to have someone who can help usContinue reading “Be Conformed”

The Return

Have you had a family member or friend that left town for several months and returned? Have you left town for several months and returned? Was there a party thrown or were people happy to see the person who left and returned? There are many reasons for people to leave town. Students go off toContinue reading “The Return”


Do you want to belong to the family of God? Do you want to be part of the body of Christ? Do you wonder what you need to do? Do you understand it is a new beginning, a new birth? Are you looking for a new start? Many of us have thought at some pointContinue reading “Restart”

Traditions and God

What are your traditions? Do you have family traditions? Do you hold fast to them? What are the church traditions you adhere to? Do you know if they are biblically based or not? Have you given them any thought? What were Jesus’ commands? Most of us have traditions we follow. We may call them ourContinue reading “Traditions and God”

Chosen By God

Do you know you are chosen? Are you aware that God chose you before He created a single thing? Do you know that you are called to be holy and blameless in the sight of God? Do you know that in Christ all this has happened? The world we live in wants to put blameContinue reading “Chosen By God”