Tradition of Baptism

How do you view traditions? Are traditions a driving force behind your choice of church? Do you understand the reason for each tradition? Or are you someone who take or leave traditions? We have traditions for all types of things. We have pregame traditions. We have traditions for our holidays. Some of us have vacationContinue reading “Tradition of Baptism”

True Worship

What are your thoughts about God? How do you view Him? Do you put Him in a limited human body? Is your knowledge of Him only intellectual knowledge? Have you experienced Him in a heartfelt or spiritual way? Billions of people in this world know of God. They may even know more about God intellectuallyContinue reading “True Worship”

Traditions and God

What are your traditions? Do you have family traditions? Do you hold fast to them? What are the church traditions you adhere to? Do you know if they are biblically based or not? Have you given them any thought? What were Jesus’ commands? Most of us have traditions we follow. We may call them ourContinue reading “Traditions and God”