Our Shepherd

What is the guide for your life? Who is it you look to for guidance? Is there someone you desire to model yourself after? Is there someone who exemplifies who you want to be? What does it mean to be a shepherd? Do you have a shepherd? Are you listening for his voice? We oftenContinue reading “Our Shepherd”

All Authority

What authority did Jesus have when He walked on this earth? Do you know of the miracles He performed? Have you heard how He healed people? Have you heard that He cast out demons? Who raised Him from the dead? Even if you have not been in church, you have likely heard some of theContinue reading “All Authority”

The Good Shepherd

Are you looking for a protector? Are you in need of someone who will look out for your best interest? Do you long to have someone in your life whom you can trust? Have you been searching for this someone for a long time? Having someone in our lives who has our best interest atContinue reading “The Good Shepherd”

The Good Shepherd

Have you ever been lost? Were you truly lost, somewhere you had never been before and not sure how to get to a safe place? Were you hoping someone would come find you? Are you in a place like that now? I’m sure most of us have been lost at some point in our lives.Continue reading “The Good Shepherd”

Traditions and God

What are your traditions? Do you have family traditions? Do you hold fast to them? What are the church traditions you adhere to? Do you know if they are biblically based or not? Have you given them any thought? What were Jesus’ commands? Most of us have traditions we follow. We may call them ourContinue reading “Traditions and God”