Be Confident In God’s Plan

Have you ever had a thought you believed came from God, but then thought it was outlandish? Have you heard a calling from God, but thought there was no way it could ever happen? I must confess, I have. About ten years ago or perhaps a little more, I heard God telling me He wantedContinue reading “Be Confident In God’s Plan”

To The Ends Of The Earth

Have you ever wanted to be part of a major movement? Have you wanted to be on the championship team? Do you continue to long to be part of something bigger than yourself? Do you know you can be? Isn’t it great to be on a winning team? Winning tournaments, championships, hefting trophies is aContinue reading “To The Ends Of The Earth”

God Has A Plan

Have you ever wondered how long God planned out the birth of Jesus? Have you stopped to think about God’s plan for you? Have you considered that He may have something in motion for you that won’t come to pass for years? Our typical human nature is to think about today. Oh, we may thinkContinue reading “God Has A Plan”