A New Beginning

How would you like to have an inheritance you could never expend? Would you like to have confidence it would last forever? Do you desire a restart, a do over, a new beginning? Do you know it is available to you? Most of us think of an inheritance as money, land, or possessions. Some areContinue reading “A New Beginning”

From Poor To Rich

Are you looking to become rich? Do you struggle to get by with what you have? Are you striving to improve your standing in life? Do you desire to have more? Do you know the riches of heaven are available to you? Our nature is to be leery of any offer to give us somethingContinue reading “From Poor To Rich”

Look Up

Do you ever look up at the stars at night? Are you amazed at how many there are? Do you wonder how so many were created? Do you know there are more stars being born, even today? There are more stars than we can count. And, yes, there are new stars being born. According toContinue reading “Look Up”