Dealing With Betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed? Have you had to be in the same room with your betrayer? Have you had to be kind to your betrayer? Do you continue to hold a grudge against your betrayer? Can you see their face?

We experience someone betraying us as we live out our lives. It may be as small as someone tattling on us when we were a child. It may be as serious as someone putting the blame for a business catastrophe on us. But make no mistake about it, we have been betrayed.

However, none of us have been betrayed like Jesus was betrayed. He was sold out, not to be fired, not to receive a small bit of punishment, but to die a horrible death on a cross. His betrayer committed the ultimate betrayal. Yet, Jesus allowed it to happen.

Jesus could have turned His betrayer into a pile of ash with a simply thought. Yet, He did not do that. He allowed him to sit at the table and eat the Passover meal with Him. He allowed him to walk away. He allowed him to bring the Jewish leaders and Roman soldiers to arrest Him. Jesus allowed Judas to come to his own realization of what he had done. And here is the kicker, Jesus did not allow any of it to worry Him.

We can take a lesson from Jesus. Rather than allowing our betrayer to rule our lives with worry and distraction, we can continue to focus on our purpose. If we are distracted, ask God to remove the distraction from our thoughts. Ask God to remove our hatred and forgive our betrayer. We have the key to release ourselves from the prison we have put ourselves in with our focus on our betrayer.

I pray we all overcome our feelings of betrayal. I pray we ask God to remove us from our prison. I pray each one of us will choose to follow Jesus’ example. Forgive those who betray you. Be released from your prison. Focus on your purpose. Ask Jesus to walk with you. Follow His example.

Matthew 26:20-21 When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve. And while they were eating, he said, “Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me.”

Published by martypressey

Marty is a Pastor, retired Marine and dedicated Christian who has taught adult Bible classes and preached for 20 years. He currently serves as pastor of 3 United Methodist Churches. He believes being well-grounded in the Scriptures is key to living a better life. He brings a layman’s viewpoint to all his classes and sermons, helping others understand how to apply Scripture to their daily lives. When he sees others understand the message of a particular passage, it brings him great joy. He has seen his faith increase exponentially over the years; fully believing God has a plan and is executing it. He feels blessed to be part of that plan.

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