Withstanding Storms

Do you wonder why you are shaken to the core when something goes bad? Have you taken time to think long and hard about why? If not, when will you evaluate yourself? What is your foundation? Who is your foundation?

I really like Jesus’ use of building a house as a parallel for our lives. Building our lives is much like building a house. If we want to withstand the storms of life, we must have a foundation set on the Rock. Otherwise, those storms will destroy us.

Unfortunately, there are few who have built themselves on the Rock. There are many who have dug down, but never made it all the way to the Rock. They suffer some damage when those storms come, depending on how deep they went with their foundation. There are far more who have built on the surface and they collapse in a heap when those storms come.

Notice Jesus doesn’t say ‘if’ the storm will come, but He says ‘when’ the storm comes. There will be storms in our lives. It may be divorce, loss of a job, death of a loved one, severe injury or sickness, or any number of other storms. There is no doubt we will face storms in our lives. Are we prepared to withstand them, or will we collapse?

We are told how to build ourselves to withstand them. It isn’t a secret that only a few know. It is available to anyone who will seek it. Build your life on the Rock of Jesus. Dig deeper and deeper into His Word. Gain a deeper understanding of God’s ways. Increase your faith. Grow your love for God. Increase your trust in Him.

If you are like me, you started down this path, and went astray for some number of years. Much like me, you can rebuild your life. It is never too late to dig deeper. You can make the choice today to start rebuilding your life.

Here is the wonderful news I’ve found as I’ve rebuilt my life. There are great benefits to digging deep to lay that foundation. Benefits such as finding peace, joy, love, and contentment. The increase of faith and trust in God continues to grow with each experience and the recognition that God is working in your life. I encourage you to start digging today.

I pray we all dig deeper into God’s Word. I pray we seek to build on the foundation of the Rock. I pray each of us grow in our faith and trust in God. Dig deep into God’s Word. Build on the Rock. Grow your faith. Grow your trust in God. Find peace, joy, love, and contentment. Set yourself up to withstand the storms of life.

Luke 6:46-49 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like. They are like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete.”

Published by martypressey

Marty is a Pastor, retired Marine and dedicated Christian who has taught adult Bible classes and preached for 20 years. He currently serves as pastor of 3 United Methodist Churches. He believes being well-grounded in the Scriptures is key to living a better life. He brings a layman’s viewpoint to all his classes and sermons, helping others understand how to apply Scripture to their daily lives. When he sees others understand the message of a particular passage, it brings him great joy. He has seen his faith increase exponentially over the years; fully believing God has a plan and is executing it. He feels blessed to be part of that plan.

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