Be Equipped

Why do we read? Why do we study? Why do we watch the news? Why do we ask questions? There might be a wide variety of answers to the questions I’ve just asked. But the general answer is…we want to know. Why did God see fit to have men write the books of the Bible?Continue reading “Be Equipped”

Withstanding Storms

Do you wonder why you are shaken to the core when something goes bad? Have you taken time to think long and hard about why? If not, when will you evaluate yourself? What is your foundation? Who is your foundation? I really like Jesus’ use of building a house as a parallel for our lives.Continue reading “Withstanding Storms”

Seek, Knock, Wait

We look for answers in all types of places and from all types of people. Our search is never ending. Questions come to mind every day. Some questions are relatively small and non-impactful. Others are more important and may be life changing. The more important the question, the larger the impact on us, the moreContinue reading “Seek, Knock, Wait”

Dig Deeper

Are you moving on? Are you moving on in maturity? Have you learned the elementary teachings and learning more complex instruction now? Are you learning to think logically and put the pieces together to gain a deeper understanding? As we go through school, we begin with very basic teachings. We learn our alphabet before weContinue reading “Dig Deeper”