Cry Out To God

Have you been taught that the Christian life is wonderful? Does that hinder you from crying out to God? Have you ever asked God why things have happened?

Many of us have heard God is love, God is good, God blesses us, and God cares deeply for us. We likely have heard the “prosperity gospel,” meaning if we love God, all will be well with us.

These beliefs may cause us to squelch our desire to cry out to God. They may stop us from asking God why. If they are doing so, we are not fully communicating with God as He desires us to.

God knows things go wrong in our lives. He knows we are sad at times. He knows we grieve. He knows we grow angry. He knows every thought we think and every word we speak. It is because He knows that He wants us to express our worries, concerns, griefs, anger, and displeasures to Him.

Are we to stay in that state? No. But we need to voice them. Not because God doesn’t know, but for our own sake. Voicing them to God gets them off our chest and clears our conscience. Yet, it isn’t only about us.

We should voice our issues for our communities, nation, and the world. We need to repent of the wrongs our leaders commit. I know…that sounds absurd. We didn’t commit the wrong. However, much like the prophets of the Old Testament, we must admit the wrongs of our leaders and ask God to forgive them and change them.

I pray we all cry out to God in our anguish and sorrow. I pray we ask for forgiveness and a renewal of our hearts. I pray each one of us will then trust God to work as only He can. Cry out to God. Tell God your troubles. Tell God your worries. Tell God your griefs. Trust God to take care of them.

Luke 19:41-42 As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes.”

Published by martypressey

Marty is a Pastor, retired Marine and dedicated Christian who has taught adult Bible classes and preached for 20 years. He currently serves as pastor of 3 United Methodist Churches. He believes being well-grounded in the Scriptures is key to living a better life. He brings a layman’s viewpoint to all his classes and sermons, helping others understand how to apply Scripture to their daily lives. When he sees others understand the message of a particular passage, it brings him great joy. He has seen his faith increase exponentially over the years; fully believing God has a plan and is executing it. He feels blessed to be part of that plan.

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