Be Still

Are you longing to know God better? Do you wish you understood His plan for your life? Would you like to know what He is thinking? What are you willing to do to gain the insight you seek? Are you willing to sit still and be quiet? God makes Himself available for us to getContinue reading “Be Still”

Watch God Work

What obstacles do you face today? Are there enemies who are looking to destroy you? Do you have a mountain to climb? Are you facing a major test? Are you hoping help will arrive soon? Have you thought of being still? We face many challenges throughout our lives. Someone is facing an uphill battle today.Continue reading “Watch God Work”

Futile Wisdom

How smart do you think you are? Do you consider yourself to be knowledgeable in many subjects? Are you considered an expert in one or two subjects? Do you look up to those who are considered to be very smart? Sometimes we become rather proud of what we know. We start thinking highly of ourselvesContinue reading “Futile Wisdom”