Eternal Love

Have you thought about how long God loved Jesus? Do you think it is two-thousand years? Do you think it is thirty-three years? Do you think it is longer? Would it be nice if we were to be certain, if we were told? Jesus does tell us how long God the Father loved Him. AsContinue reading “Eternal Love”

Saved From Death

Is there someone you know who needs to turn away from destructive behavior? Have you made attempts to get them to see the error of their ways? Do you have your own issues with destructive behavior? Do you know the implications go beyond this life? We know people who go about their lives either denyingContinue reading “Saved From Death”

Endless Love

In today‚Äôs chaotic culture and amidst the wide range of world events, we may feel like nothing is certain. It may seem the very foundations we have put our trust in are being shaken. Yet, there is one thing we can put our trust in. Has the chaos caused you to question nearly everything? DoContinue reading “Endless Love”

Love or Love?

Do you love? Do you know which kind of love it is? Do you recognize the type of love you have? Do you know there are different types of love? Can you define the different types of love? Once you know the different types, will you make the effort to recognize them? We hear peopleContinue reading “Love or Love?”