Running the Race

Why do you run the race called life? Are you running to gain a prize? Do you have goals set to achieve? Are you educating yourself? Do you train and practice regularly? Are you running a race that can be won? We all run the race of life in one form or another. Some ofContinue reading “Running the Race”

Endless Love

In today‚Äôs chaotic culture and amidst the wide range of world events, we may feel like nothing is certain. It may seem the very foundations we have put our trust in are being shaken. Yet, there is one thing we can put our trust in. Has the chaos caused you to question nearly everything? DoContinue reading “Endless Love”

Accept God’s Grace

Have you heard the true message? Are you searching for hope in a chaotic world? Does it seem that love has escaped you, once again? Do you know there is a hope that has existed for thousands of years? Do you know that hope was perfected two thousand years ago? It is our very natureContinue reading “Accept God’s Grace”