God’s Plan Fulfilled

Do you like to plan for the future? How far do you plan ahead? Have you gone through the exercise some planners teach, meaning to plan the next five to ten years? What if you were told about things that would happen in twenty years? Do you believe it would be beneficial? We like toContinue reading “God’s Plan Fulfilled”

Rest for the Weary

Have you grown weary? Are you looking for relief? Do you long for a time of peace rather than struggle? Is your desire to go away to a secret place to acquire the peace you desire? Have you looked to the One who can give you rest? We live in a time of weariness. WeContinue reading “Rest for the Weary”

Inquisitive Minds

Are you an inquisitive person? Do you ask lots of questions? Are you a person who plans out your day or week? Do you have a 5-year and 10-year plan? Do you like to keep up on all the latest news? Does it frustrate you when you are surprised by an unexpected event? Most ofContinue reading “Inquisitive Minds”