Limitless Grace

What are your thoughts on grace? How do you view it? Is your view of grace limited to a subset of people? Does your view include some type of requirement to earn it? What if I told you, it cannot be earned, no matter what you do? It is easy to believe grace must beContinue reading “Limitless Grace”

Strength in the Father

Have you ever felt betrayed? Was it a family member who betrayed you? Was it a friend you considered to be close? Was it a co-worker you thought you could trust? Was it a spouse? Were you devasted when it happened? The likelihood of us being betrayed at some point in our lives is high.Continue reading “Strength in the Father”


Have you been betrayed? Was the betrayal by a family member? Was the betrayer a close friend of yours? Were you sold down the river by someone you trusted? Are you willing to trust God to use it for good? There are times in our lives when we are betrayed. It may be as simpleContinue reading “Betrayal”

A Dark Day

What do you know of the Easter story? Do you only look at Sunday? Do you only focus on Jesus rising up? Is it the miracle of overcoming death that draws all of your attention? Perhaps we should all focus a little time on the events leading up to the crucifixion and the crucifixion itself.Continue reading “A Dark Day”