Soft Heart Required

What are your thoughts on forgiveness? Do you seek forgiveness? Do you ask God to forgive you regularly? Do you ask others to forgive you when you have offended them? Are you willing to forgive others when they offend you? We talk about forgiveness quite often. Perhaps it is because we need a constant reminder.Continue reading “Soft Heart Required”

Heart Condition

Are you continually looking for more? Are you jealous of how much others have? Do you look upon those with much and think they acquired it dishonestly? Are you angered by your lack and the plenty of others? We have often heard it said the world is not fair and it is true. We canContinue reading “Heart Condition”

Reconciliation Through Christ

At this time of year, we may be longing to reconcile ourselves to an estranged relative. It is a time for reconciliation for many. But how do you go about reconciliation? Are you reconciled with Almighty God, the God who created you? Reconciliation is no easy feat for us when it comes to one personContinue reading “Reconciliation Through Christ”