Serving in God’s Grace

What does serving others mean to you? Is your focus on what you can do for them? Do you reap any benefits from serving others? Do you prefer others to serve you? Have you thought about your service being a grace from God? Serving others comes in many forms. We may serve by helping aContinue reading “Serving in God’s Grace”


Are you an encourager? Do you build others up? Do you give them a word of encouragement to achieve their goals? Do you spur others on to new heights? Do you give them the heart to keep pushing through when things get tough? Do you strengthen their resolve? Being a person of encouragement comes naturallyContinue reading “Encourager”

Give a Reason

How prepared are you to give a reason for your faith? Are you prepared to correct someone else for disobedience to God’s Word? Can you use God’s Word to encourage someone? Are you mature enough in God’s Word to use it with patience? If we have been in the church long enough, we have heardContinue reading “Give a Reason”