Be a Blessing

Do you bless others? Have you spent time thinking how you can bless someone else? Have you thought about blessing someone in need? Have you thought about blessing someone with a disability? Do you only bless others if you think you are getting a reward? Blessing others may come natural to some of us. However,Continue reading “Be a Blessing”

Be Willing

What are you willing to give to others? Are you willing to give something expensive to help someone else? Would you give up a prize possession if someone was in need of it? Does the situation make a difference in your decision? What are you willing to give God? Giving to others may be easyContinue reading “Be Willing”

Give In Secret

What does your giving look like? Do you donate your money to charities? Do you contribute to the ministries of the church? Have you put much thought into your giving? Do you know what God expects? Do you know what Jesus says about giving? Some give regularly to church, whether it is monthly or weekly.Continue reading “Give In Secret”

Rejoice The Birth

Can you imagine having a baby in a stable area? Not only that, but you must use a feeding trough as a bed for him. Of course, two thousand years ago was a different time. Electricity hadn’t been invented yet and all our modern conveniences were far into the future. I am sure most ofContinue reading “Rejoice The Birth”

Loving Sacrifice

Do you consider yourself a sincere person? Are you a loving person? Do you love with sincerity? Are you willing to put those you love above yourselves? Are you willing to sacrifice for them? Do you honor those you love? Or, are you self-centered, only looking to your own wants? God, through Jesus Christ, hasContinue reading “Loving Sacrifice”